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There are hundreds of fragrance wheels and illustrations which detail the olfactory components of perfumes, but it leaves out one important piece of the puzzle. How perfume makes you feel.


We keep building on what we’ve done by exploring new ingredients and re-interpreting our existing formulas. It is a fascinating time to be a perfumer.


You feel as if you’ve been here before. It’s more than just a passing feeling. Deep down you are rooted in this place. As altar wood incense burns around you, the smoke gently lifts you up. You start to float on a wave of oud and vanilla deep over the crowds. They feel your presence, waving lightly as you pass over them. They are in your world now. That is Bonjour Madame.


A shadowy mist of narcissus flower and ripe grapefruit wafts into the air. Every one of your senses is awake now. A burst of noble neroli and petitgrain joins the party. Wait, is that patchouli rolling in? Your skin comes alive.


This skin perfume is not meant to scream. While other scents are intended to throw a wide net, la 1e is built to draw people in — adding a spark to those intimate moments. But this isn't a single molecule scent. We've designed the Eau de Parfum to take advantage of the high gamma count of Iso E Super while bringing in other notes to help accentuate and boost its sensual effect.