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Individual Samples

Individual Samples


Not sure which Les Vides Anges perfume suits you best? Dive into our permanent collection with a 2 ml spray sample. Need to try them all? Check out our Discovery Set


la 1e: Labdanum, warm woody amber, ambergris. Style: Sensual. Present. Seductive.

Fleur de Nuit: Sakura blossoms, Jasmine in the moonlight, a sandy beach in the summer. Style: Bright and awake.

Bonjour Madame: Radiant oud, agarwood, tonka bean, silky vanilla. Style: Stoic and sure of yourself.

Surréel: Like breathing air for the first time. A light touch of elemi, lemony citrus, spice with base notes of clean musk and a soupcon of balsam wood. Style: Invigorating and inviting.