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Are your fragrances and body care cruelty-free?

All our creations are vegan, gluten free and cruelty-free.

Are your fragrances made with "clean" ingredients?

All our fragrances follow The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards and guidelines. We use a mix of safe aroma ingredients and naturals which are sustainably sourced.

Do you have any fragrances that are hypoallergenic?

I'm glad you asked. La 1e is hypoallergenic and smells yummy.

Are your bottles recyclable?

All our perfume and body care bottles are not only recyclable, they are reusable. Simply wash thoroughly after you are done.

How are your products packaged?

We don't use extra packaging or wasteful plastic wrap. The bottles are shipped clean and simple (like our fragrances).

Do you offer different an interest-free payment option?

Yes. Les Vides Anges has partnered with Sezzle to give you a buy now, pay later option. You can find more info by clicking here