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Waking Life:

an ephemeral headspace where nature feels artificial, and the artificial is naturally striking.

This is the sweet spot where nose and creative director, Aldo “August” Parise builds each Les Vides Anges perfume.


creative director and nose, Aldo "August" Parise


The idea for Les Vides Anges took root in the “ruelles” of Montreal — the name coming from a creative co-op August was part of in the late nineties. While documenting the life of urban artists at home, Japan and in Europe, he encountered a new wave of street fashion and indie perfume being created. He jumped head-first into the wild world of niche fragrance formulation. It was nothing short of an obsession.

At a café in Tokyo, August wrote the notes for la 1e – a rich and sensual eau de parfum that adapts to your skin's chemistry. Soon after came the idea to develop limited-run extrait de parfums from some of the most unique and distinctive naturals and aroma ingredients. Why limited-run? For the excitement of trying something new, exploring an unknown or forgotten scent. This is what perfumery should be.

la 1e en exces, eau de parfum

How we approach our perfumes?

At Les Vides Anges, everything starts in the lab. We search the world for premium botanicals to use in our body care products while sourcing a range of safe (clean) aroma ingredients and sustainable naturals for our fragrances. Each perfume contains organic sugarcane-based perfumer's alcohol, and every ingredient we use is vetted to the strict European standards of IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

We are conscious of the delicateness of our ingredients, especially the perfume-grade absolutes and concretes. Mixing and bottling by hand, instead of using machines, preserves those subtle nuances in each batch that make our fragrances live and breathe as you do.

At Les Vides Anges, we also do everything we can to avoid waste — wherever possible. That's why all our bottles are reusable and recyclable (pull, don't twist the caps). And our perfumes don't ship with extra packaging or plastic wrap. Our packaging is as clean as our fragrances. 

Clean is more than just a dirty word!

Our NO list is extensive. Along with no animal testing, we use:
No parabens 
No artificial colorants
No animal byproducts
No harmful stabilizers
No harmful preservatives
Les Vides Anges Perfumes has partnered with Pledgeling to back several impactful charities.

Purchase any 50 ml perfume from our permanent collection and we'll donate $5 to Charity: Water and Fashion Makes Change. And 10% from our natural Aroma Oils will be donated to Ecotrust Canada, which helps rural, remote and Indigenous communities build an economy that provides a healthy and resilient natural environment. Want to give more! Don't worry you'll be able to donate directly from your cart.

We started simple

We started in 2015 with 1e idea. Niche perfume is about being bold and luscious. That's why we use rare, sustainable naturals and clean aroma ingredients to push past ordinary designer fragrances.

and continued formulating.

Our nose, Aldo "August" Parise, continues to create eclectic fragrances — from rare and small extractions — that don't overwhelm the senses. We've broadened our perfume line to include luscious candles and home fragrances. Something for every part of your life.

See what everyone is saying about LVA!

Candles are amazing! I absolutely love these candles and the aesthetic of the product is 10/10. Will 100% be buying more

Riley H.
J'Hallucine Soy Candle

Une randonnée en nature. Je suis aux anges avec ce parfum! Sa touche délicatement sucrée mélangée au cèdre en fait un parfum frais et enivrant qui tient toute la journée, mais en étant tout de même discret.

Étreinte dans le Bois Extrait de Parfum

I have a bottle of CDG Wonderwood and Tom Ford's Oud and the one from Les Vides Anges has a deep woody (less smoky) oud vibes. Highly recommend.

Bonjour Madame Eau de Parfum

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