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Fleur de Nuit Eau de Parfum

Fleur de Nuit Eau de Parfum


Descriptions can be so empty, so let’s try to build an image. Close your eyes. It is midnight and you are in the beating heart of Tokyo, people dancing around you on the way to their busy lives. A light wind kicks up and you feel the subtle touch of Sakura blossoms surrounding you.

Immediately you are transported to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This is the power of the night flower. This is Fleur de Nuit. Part of our permanent collection. Long-lasting without being overpowering.

We have a limited extrait de parfum (23% concentration) bottling at 20 ml. The 10 and 50 ml bottles are eau de parfum.

Notes: Sakura blossoms, Jasmine in the moonlight, a sandy beach in the summer.

Style: Bright and awake.

For more Fleur action, you can find it in a reed diffuserlotion and candle