Mardin, in south-east Turkey, is a place anchored in time. Its ancient city bazaar is awash in spices, dark flowers and tea houses. As dusk settles across the aged stone hilltop, it becomes alive and invigorating. There are three unique Turkish rose isolates and extractions at the heart of this fragrance.

This Massive (475 gram) candle is made from 100% natural isolates, absolutes and botanicals. No synthetic ingredients are used so the burn is as clean as the scent. We make each of these massive candles by hand — when ordered — so expect a delay since it takes up to 4 days to fully cure.

475 grams/70 hour burn time

Notes: Dark cherry, honeyed rose and geranium start you off. It's quickly followed by fresh notes of petitgrain and lemon peel with vanilla, muddled spices, black tea and bitter almond in the base.