The streets of Paris are loud and that excites you. The café isn't a refuge. It's a part of life. The first thing that hits you is the scent of freshly ground coffee. Freshly baked croissant almondine, vanilla and notes of steamed milk envelope you. You share a quiet moment with the person across the table. Your day starts now.  

This Massive (475 gram) candle is made from 100% natural isolates, absolutes and botanicals. No synthetic ingredients are used so the burn is as clean as the scent. We make each of these massive candles by hand — when ordered — so expect a delay since it takes up to 4 days to fully cure. Part of our limited series, so only 50 candles will be made. 

475 grams/70 hour burn time

Notes: Espresso, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon poured into a large cup of steamed coconut milk. A touch of spicy vanilla is added on top.