La Fleur Redux, is a modern interpretation of the Les Vides Anges signature body fragrance La Fleur. The perfect unisex scent for a night out, this complex fragrance features top notes of Damask and Turkish Rose on a bed of slightly wilting Spanish Jasmine and lilies. Soft notes of Mysore sandalwood, myrrh, elemi gum and musk provide an elegant base.

The beauty and complexity of the perfume doesn't end with its multi-dimensional scent palette. Les Vides Anges carefully sourced high-quality natural ingredients from Grasse in France, Turkey and Mysore in India to create this unique blend of floral and sandalwood elements. This isn’t your grandma’s rose perfume—it's a bold reimagining that’s sure to leave an impression on all who wear it.

We love that La Fleur Redux is an ode to all things floral while still being modern and chic—perfect for when you’re looking for an extra touch of sophistication on those special nights. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something more daring, this unisex scent is sure to please any taste! So why not give La Fleur Redux a try? We’re sure you won't regret it!