It's no secret that niche perfume is having a moment. Whether you're spritzing on a new scent for date night or layering different perfumes to create your own signature scent, there's no doubt that perfume is a powerful tool when it comes to self-expression. But if you're new to the world of perfume, the prospect of layering different scents can be daunting. Never fear! We're here to help with a quick guide to layering perfumes like a pro.

Why Layer Perfumes?

Layering perfumes is the best way to create a scent that's truly unique to you. By mixing and matching different notes, you can create a fragrance that reflects your personality perfectly. Not to mention, layering different perfumes can help each scent last longer on your skin. Win-win!

How to Layer Perfumes

Now that we've convinced you to give perfume layering a try, it's time to get down to business. Here are a few tips to help you layer perfumes like a pro:

Start with a clean slate: Make sure you start with clean, moisturized skin before applying any perfume. This will help the fragrance last longer and ensures that each layer of scent will be evenly distributed.

Apply the lightest scent first: The lightest scent in your mix should be applied first, as this will act as the foundation for the other scents. For example, if you're using a citrusy perfume as your base, follow it up with something heavier, like vanilla or musk.

Build slowly: Take your time when layering perfumes — you don't want to go overboard! Start with just a few spritzes of each scent and then build up gradually until you find the perfect balance.

Mix and match: Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations of scents until you find something you love. The great thing about perfume is that there are no rules—it's all about what smells good to you!

Stop when you reach desired effect: Once you've achieved the desired level of fragrance, stop! Adding more and more perfume will not make the scent last any longer — in fact, it might just make it overwhelming.


Ready to start layering perfumes like a pro? Follow these simple tips and you'll be mixing and matching scents like a boss in no time. And who knows? You might just discover your new signature scent in the process. Happy mixing!