Votre panier

fragrance that paints a picture

The duo behind the Les Vides Anges collective met in the late nineties tagging and documenting the streets of Montreal. The more they collaborated, the more they realized that they had a deep passion for more than just street art. They found a connection in global street culture and the pure fragrances coming out of niche perfume houses in Germany and France. That brought them on a journey — crisscrossing Europe and Japan — to find the simplest olfactory representations of the world around them.

After years of research and numerous experiments, we have created a series of limited-run unisex perfumes and body care products, from only high-quality ingredients. Pure, simple and without pomposity (yes, that's a word). Why limited-run? For the excitement of trying something new, exploring an unknown or forgotten scent. This is what perfumery should be about.

We always mix and bottle by hand, instead of using machines. Those subtle nuances in each batch makes Les Vides Anges fragrances breathe and live like you do.

our process

At Les Vides Anges, we do everything we can to avoid waste — wherever possible. That's why all our bottles are reusable and recyclable (pull, don't twist the caps). And our perfumes don't ship with extra packaging or plastic wrap. Our packaging is as clean as our fragrances. 

When it comes to ingredients, we search the world for premium botanicals to use in our body care products while sourcing a range of safe (clean) aroma ingredients and sustainable naturals for our fragrances. We only use organic sugarcane-based perfumer's alcohol and every one of our high-quality ingredients is vetted to the strict European standards of IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

it started with 1

It all started with a request to make the simplest of fragrances. Something that would still turn heads while being subtle enough to be worn all day. That became la 1e. 

clean is more than just a dirty word

Our NO list is wide. Along with no animal testing, we use:
No parabens or paraffins
No artificial colorants
No animal byproducts
No harmful stabilizers
No harmful preservatives